**CLOSED** - October 2019 - An Unconventional Photography Workshop

reclaim your creative joy in photography through play


Here is a scenario you may be familiar with...

Your photography is doing great. You’ve learned all the things, figured out how to bend the light and make the art, and then all of a sudden BOOM. Big, hard creative wall. And so the battle of your mind begins as you try to force inspiration.

But it can’t be forced.

Inspiration happens when we pay attention, and it’s really hard to pay attention when our minds are bogged down by stress.

This is a workshop to put stress aside and find back to your creative joy through play.

"It's a rare workshop. It feels like an invitation to sit and have a cup of tea with your creativity and your photography and your friends."

- Katie Jett Walls, Photographer and Editor, Confluence Magazine (USA)

What do you mean by play?

We tend to associate play with stuff kids do so we dismiss it as childlike. But children do things adults tend to forget: they follow their instincts, follow through on their curiosity, they learn by doing and they are not afraid to make mistakes.

You will spend six weeks with your camera where you channel your inner child and play through assignments that may seem unusual but they will make you pause in order to:

Push your boundaries.

Listen to your curiosities.

Follow the story.

"Learning from Kristine has been like getting a brand new pair of glasses with the right prescription (finally) or learning how to make the roux just right for your gumbo. She has helped me see things in a new way and craft a photographic story with more presence, intention, and impact. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough!"

- Candace Chaney, Photographer (USA)


October 1 - November 19

4 weeks of course material

2 bonus weeks

Weekly Live Chat

Recorded assignment critiques


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  • WEEK 1: On Expectations and Being Brave
  • WEEK 2: Art, Boredom and Personal Reflection
  • WEEK 3: Literal or Non-Literal
  • WEEK 4: Slowing Down and Finding Time
  • BONUS 1: Keep Motivation
  • BONUS 2: Introduction to The Personal Project

This is an interactive class with a private Facebook group, recorded critiques and a weekly Live Chat conference call.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Work-Life Balance

It is hard to find time to play when we are in the middle of life's many challenges. This workshop is made for the busy photographer to show how small actions in the everyday can make inspiration easier and photographs better. We will also look at the logistics of managing time in order to clear space for that to happen.

Being mindful of time means the workshop also has a low time commitment. The work can be done on the go and in-between.

Student Testimonial - Desiree Walters

4 weeks + 2 Bonus weeks

Each week will have one short video lecture, one photographic assignment and one non-photographic assignment. The photographic assignment will be critiqued in an individual recording.

We will meet once a week in an online video conference for a group chat about the challenges we faced that week as well as the private facebook group open at all hours. The Live Chats will be recorded if you can't attend.

This workshop is for the busy photographer, you can do the work on the go and in-between.

The lectures are recorded for you to watch at your convenience. The assignments are not time-sensitive, they can be done when it best suits your life unless you want critique, then photos are due each Monday.

You will have access to the course platform for a full year and I want to keep this workshop small so it has limited space.

"Kristine has created a wonderful way to explore & flex your creative muscles when you feel like you've been trudging along the same path over and over again. As someone who desires to grow creatively but has no intuitive sense for how to accomplish this - and also struggles to make time for myself to explore this side - this class was the perfect balance of good, refreshing & (admittedly) challenging exercises along with very thoughtful critiques without being a huge time investment. Being able to let go of the technical pressures around creating portfolio-worthy imagery and focus more on the 'why' and the experience of creating was a breath of fresh air. Take this class, you won't regret it. Plus Kristine has the most soothing voice."

- Susan White, Photographer (USA)

Two Bonus Weeks



There are two types of motivation: intrinsic (inside) and extrinsic (outside). Intrinsic motivation is when you are fuelled by the desire to do something because it makes you happy. It is something you love doing. Extrinsic motivation is when you are fuelled by the desire to do something because there is a reward at the end. Both can be important depending on the action you are performing.

We will look at how to keep them balanced.


The Personal Project

Finding a personal project is one of the best ways to stay inspired as a photographer. It makes it easier to let go of expectations and fuel that intrinsic motivation to keep making photographs. We will discuss some of the steps to go about finding and maintaining a personal project.

We will also look at words. Words are a crucial element in marketing work to clients or editors, and also serve to put our work into perspective. We will look at how to use words to see our work in a new light.

"I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to slow down and dig deeper into their own motivations for photography. Kristine encourages you to slow down and spend time thinking about photography as an art form. This is not a technique class, but the exercises really do put you out of your comfort zone, which is a good thing. Kristine is an amazing and encouraging instructor and is responsive both in the Facebook group and one-on-one. Her critiques are helpful as she describes not only what she sees in the photographs, but also how the photographs make her feel. Kristine also creates a sense of community amongst the participants both through the Facebook page and the live chats. I found the experience invaluable!"

- Shereen Khoja, Photographer (USA)

This course is closed for enrollment.

Your Instructor

Kristine Nyborg
Kristine Nyborg

Photography isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle. When I first saw an image appear in the low light of the darkroom I knew I was in it for life. So far I've worked as a photojournalist, photo editor, family photographer, educator and mentor. No matter how hard I try to shake this job, and I've tried a few times because it can be a struggle, I can't seem to find anything that brings me as much joy as photographs and stories do. So here we are, nearly 20 years in, and it still gives me the same feeling it did back in that California darkroom.

I've spent most of my career on call for Norwegian and Scandinavian newspapers and magazines and now I spend most of my days on call for my three children while running a documentary family photography business and mentoring services. Helping photographers find their way has become my way of filling my happy bucket and has given me the same joy as that first exposure back in 1997.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts October 1st and runs for four weeks plus a bonus week. However you have full access to everything for a full year, and the course is designed so you can do the assignments at your convenience. All Live Chats and critique will only happen in the assigned weeks though.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for a full year - across any and all devices you own.
What are the photographic assignments?
The assignments are not meant to get you out finding the pretty light or the clean compositions necessarily, they are meant to make photography fun. They are meant to take you out of your usual routine and into a new space, so you can tap into other things in your mind and see that translate outward in your photography. If you scroll down to the course curriculum I have set up the first section so you can have a peak into what is to come.
How will you deliver the content?
Every Tuesday I'll release a video with a lesson on that week's topic. You'll get two assignments, one based in observation and one based in making pictures. On Mondays your photographic assignment will be due, and I will critique each student's work which will be delivered in a recording. Individual recordings will be made available through Dropbox.
I'd love to take this but I don't have time, will you offer it again?
I'm not sure if I'll do the workshop again, but I can assure you nothing in this workshop is meant to overwhelm you. The information will stay up for a year, and the assignments are independent of the recorded lectures (which will be short and informative). So every week the only time sensitive things are the critique (1-3 images handed in by Monday) and the Live Chat (which will be recorded to watch later). You can study at your own pace on your own time. This workshop is meant to inspire you to think outside the box and specifically presented in a way that won't overwhelm you.
What are the observation assignments?
They are meant to help you see your photographs from a new perspective, and are largely self-reflective.

Testimonial - Allyson Klein

This course is closed for enrollment.